Heart Rhythm Management grew out of a desire to help develop a comprehensive electrophysiology service in Durban and the Kwazulu region.

We leverage the expertise of world-class and highly-trained electrophysicists based in Canada and the United Kingdom to deliver a service on a rotational basis through a device and rhythm management suite at Westville Hospital and its new hybrid vascular and electrophysiology laboratory.

Our Team

We have acquired a remarkable group of academic electrophysiologists and scientific advisors associated with the HRM team:

In addition we are associated with a group of locally trained individuals who will be furthering their training and skills in order to support electrophysiological procedures:

Cardiac Technicians:
  • Mr Raakesh Revasunker, Btech
  • Mr Amit Singh, Btech
Medical radiation Officer and EP laboratory manager
  • Mr Selvin Govindsamy, Nat-dip-radiography (diagnostic)
Practice manager
  • Derek Michael

This is truly and exciting time and we are thrilled to be associated with the Life Health Group and Westville Hospital`s Cardiac Unit.

Further Goals of Heart Rhythm Management

To support collaboration, continuing medical education and research in the field of electrophysiology.