DurbanDurban is a vibrant cosmopolitan city situated on the east coast of South Africa. It is a major holiday destination and commercial trading port. It is home to over five million people. It has a concentration of excellent health care facilities both in the public and private domains. The referral network for tertiary care has therefore been well established grossly underserviced and up until just a few years ago, was virtually non existent.

Westville Hospital is a major tertiary referral centre in the Life Health group and is located at convenient epicentre of intersecting national roads just outside of the city of Durban. It has a mandate to develop a cardiac centre of excellence with its sister hospital, Entebeni.

Heart Rhythm management has partnered with Westville Hospital and Life to establish a cardiac rhythm and device clinic as well as a state of the art electrophysiology laboratory. This will serve the greater Durban community but also support satellite clinics at its other major referral hospitals in the province.

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